This doesn’t have to be the end of your uni journey…

COVID-19…What a strange and trying time. We wrote the following series of career hacks in a world that seemed upside down…but, we know that once this is all a distant memory, they will still speak a lot of truth – they are topics that will continue to arise and test us throughout our lives. 

Hey everyone. Celene here – part of the genYOU team.

You may have seen me around – I’ve been popping in and out since 2016 and recently been filling your feed with content and planning our *awesome* first event…

…and then COVID-19 happened and I honestly felt like I skipped a level and suddenly didn’t know how the hell this game called life worked. Agree?

Anyway, I wanted to say hey. I’m a real person too. And I’m facing some MASSIVE motivational issues. But be warned – it could [and will] get a little personal.

About Me:

>> I’m currently completely my Master in Business at QUT

>> I used to revel in the fact that lectures were recorded, and I could watch them on double speed *shhh don’t tell anyone*

>> I’m facing the ever-growing reality that my exchange will be cancelled or deferred, and all of my plans are going out of the window


The point is…uni isn’t stopping for anyone. It is just adapting, and we need to adapt alongside it. Doing uni completely from home means distractions are always around the corner. So, here are my tips (which I have genuinely been using) to keep on track.

1 // Pretend like you still go to uni. Get up. Get dressed. Get prepared.

2 // Set aside specific times to work on your assignments and specific times for procrastination – I like to do 50 min blocks of uninterrupted study + 10 mins of scrolling COVID-19 memes.

3 // Watch your classes live (and actually participate). It’s wayyy less frightening to ask a question online vs in an actual lecture hall #bonus

4 // Keep up to date with your university’s information. Things are literally changing daily so it’s important to stay informed.

5 // Realise that you are not the first person to do uni online and you will not be the last…

With many universities pushing back census dates, it may be tempting to defer your current semester. But just think…how awesome will it be to tell future employers that you were able to overcome the challenges as they arose.

I don’t want to downplay the face that a lot of people are going through extremely hard times at the moment and you may not even be given the option to continue your studies (a reality I may be facing soon).

But, if you are, hold on because one day this will all be a distant memory.

If you have any queries or simply want to chat, feel free to email me at

As always, stay safe and wash your hands.