Sometimes it’s just about me

This is an article about me and not you. Because when it comes to recruitment we talk alot about you, and you think alot about you and all the things you need to do to land your dream role.

You polish your CV, you tailored your cover letter and you in the application form for your next dream job. And along the way you might even think about the things you could have done better, or said better to secure that role.

But here’s the thing.

You may have actually nailed it. Done everything perfectly … and you still don’t get the job.

Because sometimes it’s actually just about me.

But before I explain, let me start this with a big fat disclaimer. Everyone recruits differently, so this is my experience. But I’m fairly confident when I say I am not alone in these thoughts.

When I go out to market with a new role, I will inevitably advertise for certain skills and traits. All the fun bits and pieces which we include in the job ad. But that is only the tip of the iceberg.

What I really need to find is:

  • Someone who can do the job
  • Someone who will bring skills to the team that we might not have
  • Someone who is going to fit in well with the team (I literally think about how you will get along with each and every team member)
  • Someone who will work well with clients or key stakeholders that they might be working with
  • Someone who is going to be excited by the particular events and projects that they will be working on
  • Someone who I inherently feel I can trust in the role and will be easy to manage
  • Someone who will make my life easier

Basically, each and every time I hire someone, I’m looking for a unicorn. Mythical and impossible to find. I know that.

So when I get to the end of a first interview and I am asked about how you have performed and whether I have any immediate concerns, it’s actually really hard for me to answer because there is alot that I actually need to process and think through.

You might be measuring yourself against the skills and traits i advertised for – whilst i am measuring you against those things + the five other points I mentioned above.

Another thing to consider (and I’m not sure if this is a normal recruitment tactic or not) is that when I recruit … I rarely bring in 3-5 people who are very similar. I am not interested in splitting hairs between candidates.

Rather I like to bring in people who are vastly different and have varying experiences, backgrounds and different things that they can bring to the team.

Because if you refer to the above list, it may not be the person with the most experience who is actually the best fit for our team. Or conversely, maybe there is someone will skills that are adjacent to where I need them to be but they bring the ‘unteachables’ in and the things they are missing I can teach quite easily.

Again … I am not basing decisions on your CV or skillset. Rather it is much broader set of factors which you are just not privy to.

So when you find yourself beating yourself up after you have applied for a role or even made it through to the interview stage … take a moment to breath and consider that perhaps it might be me and not you.