How to introvert 101

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to my masterclass on how to become an introvert!

With everything going on in the world lately, it is no secret that staying at home is the new norm and boy oh boy are the introverts revelling!

I mean who doesn’t love sleeping in and staying in their PJs all day?!?

Now, if you’re a massive extrovert you must be struggling to sit still and being alone must have you scratching at the front door like your little Maltese pup.

I, however, am an honorary introvert who has pulled every trick in the book when it comes to staying home and avoiding any kind of unnecessary socialising – I am slightly worried about how natural this comes to me…

Now, because of my natural talent developed over years, I have provided a few suggestions of my favourite things to do when you’re stuck at home.

To start off, it may be wise to make a list of things you want to accomplish within the day. Whether that’s a check off list or a few general goals is completely up to you. But, maintaining some structure will reduce the feeling of complete havoc.

1 // Stay Active
Your butt will get numb sitting all day on the couch (or bed)! So, schedule a daily activity whether that’s just walking the dog or following along with a workout video.

If you’re looking for a good home workout, Chris Hemsworth has a great one that will keep you motivated – just try not to fall in love with him, it only leads to heartbreak.

TikTok is also a great app to test your dancing skills and learn something new, careful not to get side-tracked though, you can spend hours upon hours on there without noticing…not that I would know…

2 // Get Organised 
Update that resume! Throw out old receipts! Organise that filing cabinet (or cloud-based storage)! Tend to those tasks you never seem to quite have time for.

“Marie Kondo” your room, or even your whole house. A clean and clutter free space equals a clean mind set and more room to tackle tasks.

3 // Get Creative
Explore hidden talents while you have the time!

I personally love to paint but am an AWFUL drawer, which is why I order paint by numbers. It’s pretty self-explanatory, you paint the numbered sections with the same numbered paint.

Painting and drawing are great relaxing techniques that will provide endless amounts of entertainment while reducing your stress and anxiety.

Movies, books, charades and board games are of course the family favourites that’ll help pass the time, and give everyone in the household a bit of fun!

I would recommend that Monopoly stays hidden in the cupboard, however, because we’ve all had bad experiences and I’ll leave it at that…

4 // Stay Connected
We are very fortunate to have all these apps that help us connect and see the people we care about face-to-face, without the hassle of dressing up or leaving the house!

“Houseparty” is a great app that I have used with my friends! You can catch up and watch a movie all together or drink some wine and play trivia games.

Another fun idea for friends, or even online dating…, is Uber eats roulette where you order food for your friends/a date and HOPEFULLY get a nice surprise.

No one said becoming an introvert was going to be easy…but with a little support from your friends, family and favourite things you’ll learn to love it as much as I do.