How to be flexible when you can’t even touch your toes.

Working from home should have been a DREAM. COME. TRUE.
The flexible hours, the rolling out of bed, the business up top, trackies down the bottom…

So why then, did I struggle to see the dream part?

Maybe it’s because I love to have a plan…A, B and C…and during the crazy lockdown rollercoaster I could barely imagine what my afternoon was going to hold, let alone the next day.

Hey, Celene here and responding to change quickly and positively is a skill I am yet to master. I don’t like surprises and I crumble the moment I hear “let’s just see what happens…” How. About. No?

It is a skill, however, that I was forced to majorly work on (thank you Covid-19) and I have since realised what an important skill it is to possess. So, after numerous failed plans, I’ve gathered my thoughts on how we can all be a little more flexible (and not of the stretching kind).

What: Flexibility technically means to bend without breaking; to be willing to change or compromise; to be easily adaptable … OR, as I like to describe it, the ability to adjust to change quickly while still remaining cool as a cucumber…

Why: While it’s a word that is often thrown around, getting into the depths of it, the concept of flexibility actually inherently links into that of resilience. It means you can adapt to the majority of things that work (and life) throw your way.

Did You Know: Flexibility is one of the most highly ranked skills by managers and businesses – thanks Deloitte – and should therefore play a key role in your transferable skills toolbox (that’s right, put it at the very top where you can always reach it…)


1 // Stay Calm…everything’s fine…I am fine…we’re all fine…
When situations shift unexpectedly, it could easily send you into an anxious state. Recognise it quickly and take some steps to simmer back down.

This could be in the form of a 5-minute meditation or even just a walk outside. PSA: It is important to remember that the people around you are in fact human and will understand if you need some time to recoup. Being honest is much better than letting a messy moment build up or explode.

2 // Accept that change is inevitable
Not to have a glass-half-empty kind of attitude, but there’s no way of hiding from the change that will eventually come. The world is constantly changing (and improving) and accepting this will allow us to have a “can do attitude” when it does flip upside down.

3 // Set stretch goals
Achieving long-term goals is fun but setting stretch goals which require a little bit of extra effort to achieve proves dedication, flexibility and ambition. An example could be to do something brand new every week…. while it sounds like a very simple task, I promise you will be surprised at the mundane routine we sometimes fall into.

4 // Plan ahead
While this sounds like the exact opposite of being flexible…it will allow for more bandwidth because the basics will be taken care of.

For example, you would never go into an interview without having thought about potential questions they may ask or researching a bit about the company (and if you do, you’re crazy). But then when they ask you a curve ball question like “What is the ultimate team bonding activity?” your brain has more space and clarity to think of an answer.

We’re living in a world that is literally changing daily and now is the perfect time to test, expand and master your inner flexibility.

Will you join me on the quest to touching my figurative toes?
Or, are you already as flexible as a rubber band?

Either way, i’m sure there is some room to grow…