genYOU Story 42 – Benedict Okonjo

genYOU Story No. 42 features University of South Australia Masters student Benedict Okonjo. Find out more about Benedict’s awesome career journey so far below, including his advice to you on making your goals happen!

Name: Benedict Okonjo (pictured second from left)
Current Role: Master of Health Services Management at UniSA

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and where you are headed in your career right now?

My name is Benedict Okonjo and I am a Microbiologist. I am currently pursuing a Master of Health Services Management at the University of South Australia. Prior to moving to Australia from my home country, Nigeria, I served at a government research agency and a private hospital. I am very passionate about health and helping people develop their professional careers. Consequently, my friends and I started a club committed to supporting the growth and development of future healthcare leaders.

I am currently volunteering at Bridges and Pathways Institute in Adelaide as a Digital Health program assistant. I help the institute take advantage of new digital technologies to support Australians living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I am working towards start a career in digital health and health informatics.

How has or how is generationYOU helping you achieve your goals?

The generationYOU events are events that young aspiring professionals cannot afford to miss! Having attended an event myself, I can say that the sessions are very inspiring and thought-provoking. I had the opportunity to learn directly from industry professionals, whilst growing my network and interacting with fellow students.

The industry speakers, all from distinct backgrounds, shared career hacks and busted certain myths regarding career progression and the secret of seizing opportunities.

After the event, I felt more confident and motivated to pursue my personal and professional goals because I now know and understand what it takes to succeed!

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

As the African proverb says, “It takes a village to raise a child” – so it has been for me. I have had so many people who have inspired me at every point in my life. Hence, it is really difficult to singe out a few people among those awesome people. Nevertheless, I would say that my parents, amongst others, have been a source of relentless inspiration for me. They taught me how to be authentic, dedicated and focused in whatever I do.

What is the one piece of advice you would love to share with your millennial peers as you reflect on your own journey?

Learn to hold on fast to your one ambition or ideal until it comes true, and it will always be realised!

All your dreams and plans come alive the very moment you decide to take ACTION! Never stop learning, unlearning and improving yourself because your most valuable asset is you!

“If you want to reach your goals, write them down.

There is nothing more powerful than your goals. The vision of that future justifies the effort you will make today. Without vision, it’s easy to fall prey to temptations and momentary pleasures.

Some people don’t want to enumerate their goals because they don’t want to set conditions for failure. But if you fail, it’s better to know than to sustain misguided hopes. And the certainty of knowing can only be achieved if your goals are specified.”

– Dr Jordan Peterson