genYOU Inspire
genYOU Inspire is a series of short events that aim to help Brisbane's young people unleash their potential at work and in life. The Inspire series helps young people to stand out of the crowd by giving them the chance to learn key traits, attitudes and skills which are necessary to thrive in the workplace.

generationYOU was born from a passion to help young people unlock their potential and build on additional skills they may not gain during a University degree. Through the genYOU Inspire series, we are able to connect students with Industry legends who share #NoFilter advice on entering the workplace and the skills they need to create and manage a successful career. 

Proudly presented by Brisbane City Council

Brisbane City Council is committed to nurturing innovation and investing in a strong economy with more jobs right across Brisbane. The 2021 genYOU Inspire program offers young people opportunities to develop their employment skills and make an immediate impact for our city's local businesses.

2021 Sessions

We're back! Now in its fourth year, genYOU has never been more relevant.

After an exceptionally tough 2020, our 2021 Inspire series is built to help young people stand out of the crowd by giving them the chance to learn additional traits, attitudes and skills which are necessary to thrive in the workplace and in life. The best part? Their no-filter approach combined with industry expert panelists ensure no stone is left unturned.

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Inspire 1: How to hustle your way into a job.
Sometimes you gotta hustle! Beating down intense competition for that job is no mean feat. You need to stand out at every touch point, whether it is through a form, cover letter, CV, interview or other application element.

Hear directly from industry experts about how to be the applicant they just can't say no to!

When: Thu 15 April
5:30 - 7:30pm
Inspire 2: Growing and nurturing your network.
Tribes are built through give and take. The challenge of networking is not talking to strangers (yikes) but knowing how to foster relationships & leverage your contacts to benefit not only yourself but also others.

The perfect hand shake (or elbow bump - thanks COVID) is just step one. We'll show you the rest. 

When: Thu 13 May
5:30 - 7:30pm
Inspire 3: Nailing communication in the workplace.
Efficient and effective communication can be the make-or-break when it comes to applying for jobs, selling an idea or product, building your personal brand, negotiating roles with your manager or strengthening relationships within your team.

Twitter gives you 280 characters. People give you 8 seconds. So you had better nail it!

When: Thu 5 August
5:30 - 7:30pm
Inspire 4: How to hustle your way into a job (The re-run).
You've got the degree. You've grown your network and you're nailing communication. Now you've just got to get the job. 

Covering the same content as our February event, this event will feature fresh speakers and a fresh perspective on the very best way you can hustle your way into a job!

When: Wed 15 September
5:30 - 7:30pm

Why you should join us

Learn Essential Skills
The Inspire series focusses on the skills all employers seek, in addition to a degree. Think communication, problem solving, personal branding, leadership, networking, emotional intelligence and more. While these might sound basic, they are the "extra bit" that will help you to stand out.
Meet like-minded individuals
genYOU events attract students and graduates from all over Brisbane. Key to everything generationYOU does is giving attendees the opportunity to start building their networks now! You just never know when that random stranger will become a valuable contact.
Hear #nofilter truths
All genYOU speakers take a #NoFilter approach with their content - from the good to the bad and the ugly - they will share the truth on what to expect when starting out in your career and how you can be a strong professional!