generationYOU Digital

A monthly themed program for young people who want to learn how to stand out of the crowd, design their extraordinary life and create value for themselves and their communities.

Relevant content & resources. 

To help you increase your knowledge and give you different perspectives on each theme or topic

Live sessions with local legends. 

Engage with mentors, employers and entrepreneurs

Peer to peer learning. 

Learn from other Millennials who are also building a career they love

Get sh*t done corner. 

Gamify your way to success, put your learnings into practice and win stuff along the way!

Focusing on the things you really need to know.


generationYOU helps you navigate the world of ‘work’ by focusing on the skills you need to learn to genuinely stand out from the crowd, for example:

> networking

> job hunting

career development


resilience and adaptability

finding your purpose

emotional intelligence

problem solving


personal branding


critical thinking

Each month we will take one or two of these skills and turn them into topics that are fun, challenging and slighlty left of centre. All our content will maintain a #nofilter approach to give you an honest perspective. For example, our first months topic will be The ugly truth about job applications.

The generationYOU difference.


The theme changes every month. You can start and stop as you please. 


You will learn directly through the content, local legends, activities and each other.


We will reach you on platforms you are already part of. 


To mentors, employers and entrepreneurs that can help you unleash your potential! 


Because we are all in this together and can share valuable experiences.


Work through hands-on activities that will directly impact your career

generationYOU has already helped over 1200 Millennials to unleash their potential at work (and in life). We’ve done this thanks to the support and contributions of over 90 mentors and partners across Live events in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Ready. Set. Go.

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What is generationYOU digital?

Our digital program is an opportunity for you to keep developing the skills needed to smash through your career and life goals (whatever they might be).  The digital element means that you can absorb the content and participate as you see fit. There are no set hours or set days.

Who is generationYOU for?

Anyone between the ages of 17-25 – irrespective whether you are a school leaver, unemployed, in your first job, a university student, graduate or at any other crossroads! The content is designed to help young people strengthen their enterprise and employability skills (though we do get the occasional ‘older’ participant too!)

What is the difference between generationYOU LIVE and generationYOU DIGITAL?

The aim of both is the same – to help young people unleash their potential at work and in life. However, the delivery is slightly different. Our Live events run for a full day a year whilst the digital program is ongoing and mostly delivered online. The content is complimentary so we do encourage you to participate in both if you can.

I’m in a role that is in high demand by employers. Why would I participate in your program?

generationYOU steps beyond just finding a job. It looks at the skills you need to progress in your chosen career, to build resilience, create opportunities and design the life you want to lead. There will be plenty of content that will be relevant!

How is the program structured?

Each month will feature a particular theme on a career (or life) related topic. We will explore that theme through written content, resources, activities, discussions and online sessions with local legends.

How much time will be involved per month?

We estimate that if you read all the content and participated in all the activities you would be investing 3-4 hours a month. However, the likelihood is that you will be more invested in some themes vs others so that will likely fluctuate. There is no lecturer or parent holding you accountable. You can do as much or as little as you like.

What happens if i can't fully participate in all the activities each month?

Don’t worry, this won’t hinder you. After each month you’ll receive a summary of all the key learnings + other resources that we’ve touched on, so don’t stress!

How will the program be delivered?

The program will be delivered through three key platforms:

  • A closed Facebook Group
  • Email
  • The generationYOU website.

How is genYOU Digital gamified?

This is where the learning gets fun. For each activity you complete, you will go into the draw to win at the end of the month – so if you participate in 5 exercises, you will gain 5 chances to win!


There will be two winners at the end of each month:


  • The person who has the most points or entries
  • A participant drawn at random

Not only will these members gain bragging rights, they’ll also receive an exclusive genYOU Get Sh*t Done pack which we will send you in the post (yep, actual snail mail).

What if I am not on Facebook?

Hmmm… we don’t have a solution to that yet. Just drop us an email and we will see what we can do.

Can you give me some examples of the themes you will cover?

Sure, our first three months will cover 1) The ugly truth around job hunting 2) How to hustle like an entrepreneur 3) How to fake it till you make it!

Can I access content from previous months after I have subscribed?

25% Yes and 75% no. At any given point, members will only have access to the previous month’s topic and the current month. With the ever-changing job market, we like to keep all our content as current and relatable as possible.

Can you give me examples of your mentors, entrepreneurs and employers?

Sure, have a look through our past speaker page:

How much does it cost to access the program?

You can access generationYOU digital for less than the cost of a sandwich a month (well ok, you can probably get a half foot, but not much more) i.e. $7.9 per month or $79 for a year long subscription. Click here to see what’s included.

If I register today, will I be tied into a contract?

Nope. generationYOU digital is run on a monthly subscription, so as long as you cancel before payment is due you will not incur any extra costs (unless you purchase the yearly subscription of course).

What is your cancellation policy?

As this is a subscription payment you will be able to cancel your membership at any time and will only be charged for the respective months. No refunds are available on the yearly subscription

Can I try before I buy?

Yes, yes you can. All subscriptions include the first 30 days free, so you can give us a test run if you’d like. Head to the subscription page now to get started.

How do I sign up?

In order to get access for the generationYOU digital program you need to head to our subscription page, choose a package that suits and follow up the signup process.


The first 30 days of all subscriptions are free!

What can I expect once I sign up?

You will receive a confirmation email from our membership system …

What types of payment are accepted?

We currently accept Visa and Mastercard. If this doesn’t work for you just let us know and we will work around it.

I’m not based in Australia, can I still join?

Sure, the more the merrier!

I have another question for you!

Just give us a call  on 07 3666 0924 or drop us an email on – we will be happy to help.