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Habits are pretty sick. They enable us to do what we want without thinking about it. So, establish some good habits in your life. Maybe try exercise!
Here's the thing about building a personal brand. When you first decide you're going to give yourself a professional makeover by going to ALL the events; connecting with ALL the right people; writing new articles for a blog EVERY week; cleaning up your social media (and maybe even joining NEW platforms) ... it can be quite exciting, right!?
Let’s look at a few ways we can harness our emotional intelligence and communication to become stronger team players (and leaders) as we move through our careers.
When it comes to navigating communication in the workplace, it's entirely up to you how prepared you are to handle and execute your best verbal and non-verbal self in the boardroom, lunch room, coffee cart, at your desk, on the phone and on email ... yep there really are that many!
Resilience is (to me, anyway): Tackling challenges and setbacks as they come – and oh, they will come – whilst always knowing deep down that I am strong enough to get where I want to go.
What if – instead of only aiming to become a great leader when we’re in an executive or managerial role … we start becoming leaders in our every day jobs and life.
Your personal brand is that “thing” which arrives wherever you go before you do and remains after you are gone. It’s how people talk about you and the traits and characteristics you are known and remembered for.
When you enter the workplace, you won’t have a choice on who you get to work with! Strong teams are made up of a dynamic group of people who bring to the table a range of skills, expertise, opinions and perspectives.
For the next few minutes, I want you to forget how you currently define collaboration and push aside any negative or positive memories you associate with the word! We are going to start with the all important WHAT, WHY and HOW.
Communication at uni has a style which tends to be very formal, however, when you enter the workplace things change considerably.
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