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70% of job ads require excellent communication skills. And this is often mistaken for simply ‘good reading and writing skills’. The reality is good communication is much broader than this and, done well, can genuinely be make or break.
Whatever the reason for a mid-year slump, don't wish away the months until Christmas! Take our advice on making June/July the perfect mid-year refresh.
Comparing yourself to others is easy to do but rarely helpful. It’s particularly easy to do when an older sibling happens to be forging a path similar to yours. So here are my top tips for dealing with your insanely annoying and inconvenient older sibling.
Fundamentally, you define how I manage you. And I don’t mean that you get to sit down with me on day 1 and have a chat about how you would like to be managed. Whilst that sounds lovely, I would also argue it’s theoretical rubbish.
There is more than one way to get from A to B and just because your route is different doesn’t mean that you won’t end up in a similar place. At the end of the day things work for some people and not others.
As a boss one of the things I actually hate most is having to give someone feedback on their work. Well let me explain. When their work is awesome … it’s great … I get to big them up and make them feel like a giant. But when things aren’t up to scratch, no matter […]
I want to help you consider where the best places are for you to SHINE and to build an epic online #PersonalBrand are, including some neat tricks, tips and hacks that I've learned myself along the way.
The practice of ‘networking’ is a difficult tool to master. As is wading through the mounds and mounds of information from website, speakers, friends, colleagues and family on how best to do it and what you 100% should not do. To try and help with this influx of advice, we’ve narrowed down 5 classic #networkingmyths […]
There is a lot of etiquette when it comes to networking. Do this, don't do that ... it's a lot to remember and take in. At the end of the day ... it's important to remember that networking is nothing more than 2 people connecting because they like each other, have mutual interests, might want to work together and might be able to help each other out.
QUALITY work matters … it is a true reflection of YOU. And your busy directly affects this. So let me ask you, what does YOUR busy look like?