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How to run a personal online brand audit.

An online audit will give you the opportunity to take stock of what others can read about you online, so that you can work out what to remove and what to add in, to make sure that it is an accurate and authentic representation of you.

Don’t wait. Break the door down!

Whilst others wait for opportunity to knock, YOU should be breaking the door down! We say that generationYOU is designed for Millennials like yourselves. Young people who are struggling to bridge the gap between school/university and the real world of work. Because let’s face it – life is tough when you are trying to adult. […]

Owning your personal brand in 2017

Your personal brand i.e. who you are, what you stand for and how you are perceived by others can significantly impact your career. Let’s back that up with a true story: Once upon a time I applied for a job, got a call for an interview, went to said interview and thought, ‘I really want this […]

How to identify your double or triple threat!

Life advice comes at us from different directions. I like to think that if we are open we will hear the right thing at the right time whether it is from a friend, Facebook post, article or just an ‘aha’ moment. Over the holidays I started reading Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss. Tim is […]

Let’s talk about personal branding

It can be difficult to grasp the term personal branding; you’re not a company, right? You’re a human. It seems unnatural to think about yourself in the same way as you would think about McDonald’s or Nike. But in today’s digital age, having a personal brand is inescapable, and whether you have consciously thought about it […]