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Your network is worth its weight in gold.

Here's the thing about networking and building your network, that most people seem to forget ... it's not the quantity of contacts you have, it's the quality of those contacts and your relationship with them that makes the difference.

Classic networking myths busted.

The practice of ‘networking’ is a difficult tool to master. As is wading through the mounds and mounds of information from website, speakers, friends, colleagues and family on how best to do it and what you 100% should not do. To try and help with this influx of advice, we’ve narrowed down 5 classic #networkingmyths […]

5 things that drive me nuts when networking.

There is a lot of etiquette when it comes to networking. Do this, don't do that ... it's a lot to remember and take in. At the end of the day ... it's important to remember that networking is nothing more than 2 people connecting because they like each other, have mutual interests, might want to work together and might be able to help each other out.

Start to unleash the power of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn. Love it or loath it … for many people, it’s a key part of putting their professional profile out to the world. However, how much or little you use the platform is up to you.

Are you already connected to your future employer?

Why is connecting with others so important, and is it a true purpose of networking? Well, despite getting yourself some awesome opportunities, you also get to know the stories of some great people who will no doubt have an impact on your life.