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It’s ok to pave your own road.

Despite how hectic my life has become, I've noticed my choices have led me to drift apart from those who I was once close with. I scroll through countless posts on my phone and see many of them embarking on new and exciting journeys together, wondering whether I'm falling behind and should be keeping pace with their lives.

Avoid self-sabotage during an internship or volunteer position.

At generationYOU, we constantly encourage you to apply and take on volunteer and internship positions as these are the best way to meet new people, build your skills and gain tangible experience whilst you are still studying. I’ll say it again now … they truly give you the best opportunity to be a stronger graduate, […]

Job application tips, tricks and hacks.

Whether you are looking for your first job, a part time role, internship or tips to progress onto your second role – securing a job always starts with the application. Following on from our epic and very 1st genYOU Inspire session for 2019 on April 10 “Mastering job applications”, we’ve put together the key tips, […]

Navigating the treacherous post-interview waters.

There’s a few ways to manage the pressure and anxiety that often comes post-interview. The reality is that how you choose to follow-up an interview could be your one last chance to make a great impression! So how do you make sure it’s the best one? Key things to remember: You want to be front […]

Interview questions to prep for and to ask!

Ahhh it’s interview day. YOUR day. Your time to shine. Two things you have to watch out for are a) Don’t get caught out by a tricky little interview answer that you forgot to plan for and b) Don’t forget to jot down 3 – 4 tailored questions that will help make your final decisions, […]

An ode to our interns.

Late in August this year, our team had two interns start with us - Sarah and Nicole. Today is their last day in the office ... and never have I been so sad to have to say goodbye.

The why’s and how’s of volunteering.

As we know, to a land the job you want after graduation you need more than just a degree. Volunteering gives you an opportunity to practice the skills you’ve been learning at uni, build connections and put real experiences on your resume.

Cue the non-verbals.

When you are being assessed for a job or putting yourself out there, your entire persona becomes watched. Hiring managers are not just interested in hearing you tell them how much you love their organisation ... they will look for cues to see that it is genuine.