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The Borings.

Have you met The Borings? They are those annoying tasks and unexciting things you need to learn now, that won’t be part of University life … I’m talking about your finances and legal rights. Whilst boring, they are critical.

When winging it just won’t cut it

How many times have you found yourself getting ready for an exam or another significant activity and you get to a crucial point where you have to accept that you are unprepared? Like really unprepared.

Make it happen. Use your grit.

People who lack grit will often bounce from project to project without following through. But you’re different, you finished a whole degree! You have grit, and lots of it.

The importance of ‘Yes’

We can see a strong message emanating from our content and our live events ... JUST SAY YES. Today, in October 2017, YES takes on an even stronger meaning. Its a nod to equality, to love, to family, to respect, to dignity - to a better Australia.