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Our own expectations hit the hardest.

Whether that's maintaining a certain GPA; passing all of your subjects; landing an internship; managing a side hustle; working on your networking skills, being on the executive team of your university club; graduating ... the list goes on. We ALL have expectations of ourselves - and so we should - because they go hand in hand with our goals!

A #NoFilter chat on success.

Think about this: In our career journey or general lives ... when we have goals we set out to achieve or ANY task where we apply effort - regardless of the outcome - it means we didn't only or just do anything (these are common success-belittling terms). It actually reflects that we took small steps in our careers.

Making 2019 the year of YOU.

Happy New Year to you! Although I am acutely aware that it is already February 1st as I write this ... I wanted to kick off our 2019 Career Hacks articles with a focus on the year ahead.

2018. Lessons Learned.

Ahhh 2018. Is it too cliche if we say 'what a year'? If you find yourself saying that at the end of EVERY year, you are very lucky indeed. Because it means you experienced a year that brought you something.

It’s okay to ask for help.

As important as it is to grow up competent and independent, able to figure things on your own (something I like to preach about a lot) ... It is also equally important to be smart and ask for help and advice when you need it.