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Whatever the reason for a mid-year slump, don't wish away the months until Christmas! Take our advice on making June/July the perfect mid-year refresh.
Lifestyle design is broad, covering everything from the work you do; to what you choose to spend your money on and how you while away your time. It’s about being purposeful with your resources, maximising their value and using them to bring you joy. 
You polish your CV, you tailored your cover letter and you in the application form for your next dream job. You may have actually nailed it. Done everything perfectly … and you still don’t get the job. Because sometimes it’s actually just about me.
The trick is working out how to increase the amount you are compensated for what you give. Simply wanting, or asking, for more money because you feel you deserve it isn’t enough. You need to convince your boss or customer to hand over the extra funds.
As I feel the woes of post-grad life and want fellow young professionals to succeed, I’ve shared some useful tips that have helped me find a great job and thrive in my career.
Remind yourself that you are not your anxiety! You are not weak! It is only temporary! No one is “perfect”! You are not alone! and your feelings are valid!
If we don’t have a ‘plan’ or feel lost, it can cause us to become quite tight-lipped in conversations about what the next few months look like … or it can lead us to avoid the chance of those conversations ever happening and slowly decline all social invitations until we find ourselves holed up for the 4th weekend in a row watching re-runs on Netflix...
Lisa and Saara have put together a special guide just for you, with all their tips, tricks and hacks on how to best manage your time and energy when the crazy hits (and to keep yourself sane amidst it all).
If you are one of 100 or even 1000 applications for a single role, getting noticed, having a memorable application or leaving a good and lasting impression is pretty key to nabbing that dream role.
Why is failure so unpleasant to us? Why do we shy away from it so much? What is making us avoid the topic of failure?