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You’ve heard multiple times that you should just say YES. Your best friend’s Facebook feed is always full of exciting experiences they participated in. Your lecturer just told you that your degree alone won’t cut it anymore. You know you need to do more. Now you’re sitting here, post-graduation (or pretty close to it) thinking what […]
Being a student, who also happens to be on the executive team of a student society and working as an Event Assistant, I am thrust into networking opportunities all the time. Many people (myself included) get flustered with even the thought of having to network. In fact, I remember when a friend within the committee […]
Doughnuts. Yes, you did read that right. Three weeks ago, I landed my new dream role here at generationYOU as an Event Assistant. It was the greatest news I could imagine receiving and doughnuts helped me get here. But how, may you ask, can a round piece of sweet dough, stuffed full of ooey-gooey apple […]