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Whether you’re dressing for a big interview, a corporate event or just a normal day at work, it can be a struggle to know what is and isn’t ok to wear.
Job interviewers are purely there to understand and see how you tackle and overcome the questions. Introducing the STAR process into your answers may be the factor which set your constructed and efficient answers aside from the other applicants.
So you’ve been rejected from your dream job and realised the world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows after are some tips to help you cope.
It's time to be more open-minded when looking for jobs, "cause you never know what opportunity might lead to your dream gig."
As I feel the woes of post-grad life and want fellow young professionals to succeed, I’ve shared some useful tips that have helped me find a great job and thrive in my career.
Habits are pretty sick. They enable us to do what we want without thinking about it. So, establish some good habits in your life. Maybe try exercise!
My name is Benedict Okonjo and I am a Microbiologist. I am currently pursuing a Master of Health Services Management at the University of South Australia.
In thirteen years of recruiting university students, I have experienced some ‘gems’ over the years, and I’m not talking about the awesome grads I’ve met and hired, but the scratch your head ‘I can’t believe they just did that’ kind of gems.
genYOU Story No. 41 features compassionate and driven Flinders University student Carole Kisato! Joining us from Kenya, Carole has created her own opportunities and is stopping at nothing to achieve her career goals.
genYOU story No. 40 comes from Camila Burato de Oliveira who isn't afraid to push boundaries and venture into the unknown! We admire Camila for her initiative and courage! Read about Camila's career journey so far below.