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You define your managers style

Fundamentally, you define how I manage you. And I don’t mean that you get to sit down with me on day 1 and have a chat about how you would like to be managed. Whilst that sounds lovely, I would also argue it’s theoretical rubbish.

The Backdoor to Job Hunting

Imagine being able to jump the cue when applying for a job ... the truth is - the job listings posted online are only a handful of the available opportunities out there!

5 Daily Hacks for Killer Productivity

What can you do to get the most out of your day and how can you ensure that the time you invest in yourself today, will have the best impact on your long-term goals in life?

An Intern’s perspective on generationYOU Brisbane 2018

As I am interning for Bright Conferences (the company who runs generationYOU), I was lucky enough to attend my first generationYOU event. I was uncertain what I could expect from the day but I knew I was in for a unmissable experience and boy, was I right.